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    Hello! We are Joey and Iris, a young couple from London and Unexpected Nomads.


    When we first started dating, we used to talk about how we would see the world together and said to each other “take me with you”. Fast forward seven years, and we’re finally doing it!


    Giving up a comfortable home to live out of a backpack is not something that comes naturally to us. It is a character we wish to build. For us, it's also a challenge - an awakening. By stripping away everything that we are used to, we can start piecing together the life we really want.


    We hope to share out stories, experiences and thoughts with you along the way, and hope that they might inspire or help some of you as you carve out your own paths.


    To find out more about why we decided to leave our "successful" careers behind to travel, check out our 'Why' posts - Iris and Joey.

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    Iris - Taiwan

    Joey - Cambodia & Vietnam


    Iris - India

    Joey - Thailand & Indonesia

  • The Travellers


    Artist at heart

    Looking for inspirations along the way


    Life coach and pilgrim

    Searching for peace and wisdom

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